Online Activity and Security Information


These are some items that our Love in the 21st Century team have noticed at other online dating sites that you should look out for (please read entire document):


·        Do not send gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or any other kind of gift with monetary value to anybody online.


·        The “Dating ID” or “Hookup ID”


o   There are thousands of these sites that claim to provide some kind of “background check” and a “Digital Card” for you to present before “hooking up”.   These sites are ALL scams and those that are asking you to get one are ALWAYS presented from “fake” profiles that the scammers have created.  If asked to get an ID and presented with a “link” to do so, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!


o   What our Love in the 21st Century team has experienced when trying to observe what occurs are four things:


1.     You provide ALL your personal information (Our team used some fake information to acquire some of these so-called ID’s.  All of the ID’s were issued with fake information and a valid credit card).

2.     You provide your credit card information (Our team used a Credit Card that was acquired by Love in the 21st Century with a limited credit limit).

3.     You click on a “Submit” button and your information is sent to a SCAMMER.  In addition to this submission you are redirected to another similar looking page that requests all the information and your credit card information again (the scammer has included one of his scamming buddies in his activities).

4.     For each of these “Submit” actions your credit card is immediately charged $1.  Within a few days your credit card will be charged from $60 – $300 or more if they think they can get away with it.  The highest our team observed was $300 (the cards limit) but inquiries to outside entities indicated much higher amounts have been charged.


o   Don’t be SCAMMED!  There are many legitimate sites that will provide a reasonable “Background Check” that will provide you actual information at a reasonable cost.  Some sites will allow you to subscribe for “Unlimited” access to background checks for a very reasonable cost.


1.     Consider the cost of challenging a fraudulent charge, canceling a credit card, and having the credit card re-issued?


o   Please report any Love in the 21st Century member asking you to go onto another site or to get one of these ID’s to


·        Another SCAM is encouraging you to communicate one on one outside of the Love in the 21st Century site.  A good principle is to keep all communication here unless you are meeting.


·        Meeting suggestions


o   Select a public place for your first meeting.


1.     Coffee shops and restaurants are great first-time meeting locations.


o   Do not make extensive plans for your first meeting.


1.     A cup of coffee or a meal.

2.     Going “dutch treat” or agreeing who will pay in advance is a good practice.


o   Limit the first meeting to approximately 1 hour.


1.     Generally, you will have a good idea within the first 15 minutes of your time with this person if they are someone you want to share time with.


o   Keep all conversation light.


1.     Compliment them for those items that you like.

2.     Talk about your persons good points and let them explore yours.

3.     Resist the urge to talk about past relationships (good or bad).

4.     Deeper conversation should be left for future meetings.


o   If both of you decide that it would be nice to continue meeting, ask if you can acquire a background check and collect enough information to run the check.


1.     Get their full name, birthdate, current residence, and don’t forget to ask if they have any “AKA’s”.  NOTE:  Write the information down do not try and remember it.  Verify everything you have written down with the person before you part your meeting place.

2.     Make sure your background checking agency provides 3 key items

·        Criminal Records Check (does not automatically disqualify the individual but if they exist you can query them to your satisfaction here at Love in the 21st Century before your next meeting).

·        Sex Offenders Check (any good background check organization will search all states for entries on the Sex Offenders lists of each state).  Also it is good to check the FBI’s site or the NSOPW site in case the background checking agency has outdated information.

·        Finances (Bankruptcies, liens, judgements, or evictions if they exist should be considered and addressed.  If you decide on marriage these issues could affect your credit).

3.     It is recommended that you do not set your next meeting date until you have completed the Background Check and are satisfied with any resolution (if any).


·        If you are harassed or intimidated by any member on Love in the 21st Century a “Block” function has been provided.  Please use this function as needed.  If the harassment or intimidation continues email with as many details as you can.


·        Harassment or intimidation on a regular basis by any member of Love in the 21st Century will result in the harassing members account being banned or permanently removed.


·        If you believe you are being stalked by any member of Love in the 21st Century please report it to your local law enforcement and proceed in accordance with local codes in regards to stalking.


·        Love in the 21st Century is not a censored site. 


o   You may post any items you would like.


o   Child pornography in any representation will be reported to Law Enforcement for prosecution.  Love in the 21st Century takes protecting children seriously and will fully provide whatever assistance necessary to Law Enforcement to prosecute anybody posting child pornography on this site.


o   Nude or pornographic profile pictures are not recommended but are not censored.


o   Please do not complain to Love in the 21st Century team members about another members content.  If you have an issue with the content block the member as outlined above.


o   Keep in mind what members post here is a window into their soul.



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